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Hospitality Leadership Institute: Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry Through Transformational Leadership

Change doesn't come easy to most people, but in the hospitality industry change is a part of everyday life. Whether you're re-evaluating your own efficiency, or finding new ways to motivate your employees, integrating new elements has become a must for those in the field. For education and information pertaining to hospitality management, there are numerous options to pursue. You could enroll in classes at a local university, participate in an online course, go in person to a conference, and the list goes on. All of these options have their benefits, but lack the comprehensive learning experience that you're looking for. That has all changed with the Hospitality Leadership Institute at The Mountain Club on Loon. This inventive and cutting edge program combines different types of teaching with an interactive and positive environment, to provide the best experience possible.


The institute has a focus on looking at the strong and weak points of your organization and how they affect your day-to-day operations. After those elements are established, you will be lead through the process of establishing a framework for providing top tier service. The institute then goes more in depth by clarifying the responsibilities of leaders and managers operating in today's market. They focus on leadership habits and trends that are crucial to providing excellent customer experiences. Team building is another main area that the courses address. The seminar leaders will offer tips and insights on how to develop a highly effective service delivery team. Overall, the institute is designed to outfit you with the tools and knowledge to deal with complex issues in service delivery while providing positive change to the service industry as a whole. got the opportunity to interview the men behind the program, Peter J. Hughes and Gary Armitage, about this one-of-a-kind learning opportunity.


RAL: Tell me about the leadership institute.

PH: The major objective of the Leadership Institute is to create transformational leadership behaviors that lead to significant improvements in personal and operational performance.


RAL: What businesses can benefit from this program?

GA: The program works for businesses of all sizes, both for-profit and non-profit. Our program has included multi-national corporations and small healthcare providers. The seminar scales to work with any size business and translates to any culture globally. We had a Hi-Tech company based in the US and India at one of our recent programs. The US team was amazed at the positive impact the program had on their multi-nationals.


RAL: What makes this program unique?

PH: The institute is unique in the way it is designed and facilitated. We used an experiential design methodology to create the institute. This means that it is highly interactive and engaging for participants. We provide the latest research on high performing teams and leaders as described in my new book, Leadership & The Road to High Performance. Our goal is to provide each participant with a tool kit loaded with models and concepts that they can use right away to move their organizations to new levels of performance and success. You will not find another program with the same level of quality of content and facilitation. Participants will learn practical concepts they can use immediately and have fun in the process.


RAL: Tell me about the resort.

GA: The resort atmosphere is friendly and relaxed; very conducive to learning. For the institute, we offer a buffet breakfast as well as lunch, and each team has a table assignment. Dinner is more open and upscale with a special menu choice. Healthy options are always available and dietary restrictions are handled creatively to ensure an memorable experience. The Resort’s mountain location means breaks and classes can be held outside if the weather is amenable. In the evenings the class can gather at the Black Diamond Lounge to discuss what they have learned during the day or they can rejuvenate at our Spa and Health Club.


RAL: What kind of programs do you offer?

PH: We have an extensive array of leadership and organizational development programs.  We have the capability to be any company’s virtual corporate university, providing a comprehensive approach to present all their management and staff development needs.  


RAL: What impact does the institute have on the community?

GA: Our Institute brings people from around the globe to New Hampshire and to the town of Lincoln. It has a direct impact on the local economy and will help create more employment opportunities since our program occurs mid-week and in shoulder periods.


RAL: Break down the five major components of the institute; themes, teams, operational excellence, management changes and culture.

PH: Exercising Transformational Leadership

- Individual strengths and limitation of their leadership style

- Characteristics of high performing leaders.

- Leadership & motivation

- Management versus leadership

Developing High Performing Teams

            - The essence of high performance

            - The characteristics and behaviors of highly effective teams

            - Project teams in action – new product development business simulation

Creating Operational Excellence

            - Continuous process improvement

- Kaizen strategies and techniques

- Kaizen Activity – creating process improvements

- Lean thinking

Implementing Organizational Change

            - Breakthrough thinking process

            - Positive change planning process

Shaping the Ideal Operating Culture

            - Three dimensions of culture

            - Elements of a positive and enabling organizational culture


These 5 major themes will help bring focus to the following areas;

  • Reducing Cost

  • Increasing Revenue

  • Doing More With Less

  • Creating Lean Operations

  • Shaping an organizational culture of engagement

  • Providing higher levels of quality and service


RAL: Why is the resort the ideal location for the institute?

GA: The Mountain Club is ideal because it is located off the major north-south interstate in New Hampshire with easy, year-round access. The natural, distraction-free ambiance of the location with its friendly service, great cuisine, and excellent sleeping/meeting facilities make it the ideal location. We get people out of the office and away from the distraction of their everyday work life to drive a world class learning experience.

For more information on the Hospitality Leadership Institute please visit their website.