As the country’s third largest state, California has plenty of space for your family to stay. Get away with naturally stunning stays in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada, settle into your oceanside oasis on the Central Coast, or opt for the bright lights of the big city in Southern California. Get your thrills at Disneyland, trek through Yosemite National Park, and observe more than 3,700 animals at the San Diego Zoo. The Meeks Bay Resort & Marina has the Kehlet Mansion and the Washoe Mansion for complete privacy for all of your family. You can also rent a boat, canoe, or kayak for Lake Tahoe! The Wonder Valley Ranch Resort has a wide variety of activities for your family. Indulge in dinners by the fire and explore the grounds with canoe racing and paintball. A rocking good time can be had at Rankin Ranch, with an all-inclusive package of Southwest fun! Make it a reunion to remember in California!

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