Welcome to Lesotho

The lofty Kingdom of Lesotho, completely surrounded by its South African neighbor, is your “Kingdom in the Sky!” Knowing that its lowest geographical point is the highest “low point” in the world, you’re sure to reach new heights in this tiny, landlocked kingdom! Ski, tube or snowboard the snowy Maloti Mountains at AfriSki ski resort and be amazed at the breathtaking views atop the Sani Pass. Pony trek in the town of Semonkong and stay for the nearby 630-foot watery plummet of Maletsunyane Falls. Then, after rappelling the falls’ rocky gorge, hike or horseback ride your way through the misty wilderness of Sehlabathebe National Park. Claim your piece of this soaring African kingdom by planning your next Lesotho adventure, today!


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