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There is a great deal to choose from in a country the size of Canada. Travelers can explore seven major landscape regions. The Atlantic coast features quaint fishing villages from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. British Columbia includes the bulk of the Rockies along with the rugged pacific coast, which you can absorb with relaxing travel on the Canadian railway system. Forests, lakes and mighty rivers extend north to James Bay and its parent water body, Hudson's Bay of the Arctic Ocean. See Orcas, humpbacked whales, puffins, rainforests and mighty glaciers. Beautifully tended public facilities feature lovely gardens and flags that reflect pride without arrogance. The friendly culture is rich with Native American villages, folk festivals, music and dance making Canada one of the top 10 travel destinations in the world.

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  • Lake Of The Woods Lodge

     Nestor Falls, Ontario

    "The Best Place on Earth!"

    I have been going to this lodge under its current ownership for more than 10 years now and although it is a long way to travel from the UK, it is worth every second of it. The friendly atmosphere on the island and in the lodge is second to none, the food is first class and the scenery is beautiful....


    Feb 04, 2014 - Steven McGregor

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