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Sophisticated Nature Weddings in Southern California

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, the most important aspect is usually the location. Are you looking for a breezy beach wedding or an intimate mountainside ceremony? Perhaps what intrigues you the most is a place where nature and elegance come together, where... more

A Forest Escape Where Fairytale Weddings Come True

Surrounded by the lush scenery of the San Bernardino National Forest awaits a charming year-round mountain retreat that puts a unique spin on your wedding event. Here, you leave behind the hustle-bustle of the cities and the stress of putting together something that will wow... more

Grande Rockies Resort: Discover Your Full-Service Fairy Tale Wedding

Snow-crowned mountain peaks rise toward the heavens, the crisp Canadian air filling your lungs. Your vows echo off the rising rocks, forever filling the valley with words of love. There truly is no setting more breathtaking, more memorable than the Rocky Mountains to start... more

Write Your Fairytale Wedding at High Hampton Inn

A collection of sky-hued peaks reaching toward the heavens, the Blue Ridge Mountains inspire romance. So, it comes as no surprise that so many couples choose this breathtaking location to host their weddings. You’ll have no reason to sing the wedding bell blues when you... more

Regional Beauty Is Not Shy At The Heathman Lodge

When people think of the rustic charm of the Pacific Northwest, they think of the rugged cliff faces of the Rocky, Olympic, and Cascade mountain ranges. They think of Washington’s own Mt. Rainer, nudging the heavens as the tallest peak in the region. They think of booming... more

Eden Crest Vacation Rentals Brings Peace to Group Planning

There is nothing quite like watching a bride walk down the aisle on her wedding day or reconnecting with your loved ones at a long-awaited family reunion. While these milestone events are some of the most joyous occasions, planning for them can be utterly frustrating. Eden... more

Stroudsmoor Country Inn: Your Fairy Godmother for Dream Weddings

Ask 100 people to describe their fairytale wedding and you’re bound to get 100 different answers. Ranging from monumental to modest, from classic to current, everyone envisions their dream day differently. Fortunately, Stroudsmoor Country Inn is here to grant your wedding... more

Fairytale Weddings Come True at Black Butte Ranch

Aspen leaves sing like a chorus of silver wedding bells. Ponderosa pines stand up for the union of wood and stone. And, only herds of horses stand witness to ceremony. In the shadow of Black Butte, a Cascades fairytale wedding unfolds at Black Butte Ranch. The Ranch’s... more

The WeddingMoon: Making Preparations Easy and Locations Extraordinary

With a ceremony, reception, and honeymoon to plan, it is no wonder couples can get a little stressed out arranging for their big day. This is where the ‘WeddingMoon’ swoops in to save couples’ sanity, as well as their time and money. The WeddingMoon has taken the trend... more

The Garden Wedding: Whether Botanical Garden or Bed and Breakfast, What You Need to Know

Think most brides and grooms are planning beach weddings? Not so fast, beach bunnies. The new destination of choice is the garden. When brides and grooms want to 'take it outside,' they're looking for roses, camellias, magnolia trees, and lush green lawns. They want a... more

The Intimate Wedding: Full Moon Inn Shows Why A Bigger Wedding Isn't Always Better

Today, 35 percent of weddings are destination affairs. Brides and grooms want to get away from it all and get married in a gorgeous, exotic setting for the trip of a lifetime... and they want to do it with just a small handful of guests in attendance.  Big, overblown... more

The Seaside Wedding: Taking the Wedding to the Water

For some people, the local church wedding and traditional ballroom reception just don't hold the appeal that they'd like for their Big Day. For them, their wedding dream includes an azure ocean, waves white-cresting in a relaxing rhythm of rolling surf, the sun warm on their... more

The-Pre Honeymoon: A Mini Escape Before the Big Plunge

The newest and fastest-growing trend in wedding travel is the pre-honeymoon, stepping away from stressful wedding plans, pushy in-laws, bitter bridesmaids, and eccentric wedding experts to just get away from it all. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming in an already... more