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Utah Winter Faire: Utah’s Top Family Friendly Holiday Experience

Farmington, Utah, is a relaxing and low key destination located halfway between Salt Lake City and Ogden. Its location gives visitors access to a broad spectrum of activities, delivering with a variety of community events, restaurants, family friendly attractions, and scenic vistas.


The Utah Winter Faire is quickly becoming a can't-miss holiday experience, and it's only entering its fourth year. It's held at the Legacy Event Center, which is 18 miles north of Downtown Salt Lake City. Patrons will find a unique fusion of Renaissance faire and holiday-themed extravaganza. The Faire is ideal for the entire family, and features a spectrum of live entertainers, from period-dressed actors to whimsical music performers. The Armored Combat League will be holding their Western Tournament at the Faire, which consists of combat between armored opponents using medieval steel weapons. Attendees can also participate in dancing, arts, crafts, classes, quests, and more. We got the chance to interview Melia Kelley, representative for the event, to talk about this great winter celebration.


RAL: How long has the event been running?  

MK: We are going into our fourth year.


RAL: How many annual participants do you draw?  

MK: We have seen attendance almost double each year. Last year’s attendance exceeded 3,000 people, and we anticipate the growth to continue.


RAL: What is the typical demographic makeup of the event? Children? Families? Couples?  

MK: We appeal primarily to families with school-aged children. That said, we also see many couples and college-aged patrons as well!


RAL: What makes this event unique?  

MK: There are many other holiday events and themed events, but having a themed holiday event is still a new concept! Renaissance faires tend to happen during the warmer months, and we are excited that we get to bring that fun into the winter months as well.


RAL: Take me through the activities attendees will find at the event.

MK: We have so many activities that it's tough to name them all! We have stage and arena performances, live fighting, music, dancing, free craft activities, quests, classes, and more!


RAL: Will there be any guest appearances?  

MK: We have a large number of interesting characters, but one of the favorites has to be Steampunk Santa.


RAL: What will attendees find for dining options?  

MK: We have a variety of food vendors that cater everything from regular fare to the exotic, including alligator!


RAL: What is the environment like?  

MK: The environment is high energy, full of costuming and attractive decor. People usually have the most fun when they go around and look at everything multiple times.


RAL: What can an attendee expect to find for local lodging?

MK: There are multiple hotels and boutique vacation rentals near the area. We are also near a few ski resorts for people who want to experience our great snow.


RAL: Does this drive business to your local economy?  

MK: We provide a fantastic place for local artists and artisans to sell their wares during the holiday shopping season.  


RAL: Does the event support a particular cause in the community? (School funds, etc.)  

MK: We are excited to be partnering with Toys for Tots and will have donation boxes available for toys or cash donations.


RAL: Why should people come to your event?  

MK: Our Faire is unique and fun! If people want to experience the Armored Combat League's Western Tournament, or if they want to meet Steampunk Santa, it can only be done at the Utah Winter Faire!


For more information about the Utah Winter Faire, please visit their website.