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The Bob Marshall Music Festival: A Brand New Event With Something for Everyone

Home to stunning natural features, many outdoor activities and friendly people, Seeley Lake, Montana, is the perfect location for your next adventure themed vacation.  


If you're an outdoor enthusiast, this is the ultimate location for you. Nearby wilderness preserves and parks such as The Bob Marshall Wilderness Preserve, Placid Lake State Park, and Salmon Lake State Park are great for a myriad of outdoor activities. From taking pictures of the area's unique wildlife, to racing down challenging mountain biking trails, it's all here. If you don't have the gear you need or you're looking for a guide, there are multiple outfitters that will help you out with all your outdoor recreational needs. Also, close to town you’ll find numerous lakes, rivers and streams, ideal for boating, fishing, or relaxing on the beach. If you're a fan of golf, stop by the Double Arrow Golf Course, a layout that combines breathtaking vistas with plenty of challenging holes to create a great experience for all golfers. If you're looking for some indoor activities, try visiting one of the unique local shops that sell everything from quilts to one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Besides being friendly and picturesque, Seeley Lake is home to some great events and festivals. One just beginning to make waves is the brand new Bob Marshall Music Festival.


While this is only the first year of this festival, the events and activities you’ll find here will remind you of a long running and established event. Held in honor of Bob Marshall, the man who initially explored the area back in the 1920’s, this festival aims to provide a fun experience for all ages. At the event, you’ll encounter over 20 different live bands, a variety of food and refreshments, informative nonprofit booths, vendors and so much more. Additional highlights of the festival include physical themed events like the different lengthed runs, paddleboard races and mountain bike races. All the proceeds from the event go towards benefiting the local elementary school and various other programs in the community. If you love great music, beautiful natural surroundings and good people, Seeley Lake and The Bob Marshall Music Festival are for you! We interviewed Chris Stout, Representative for The Bob Marshall Music Festival, to talk about this brand new music experience.


RAL: Tell me about the event.

CS: This is the inaugural year of The Bob Marshall Music Experience. This is a three-day festival and music experience, and we are expecting between 1,500 and 2,000 people in attendance during this first run.


RAL: What is the typical demographic makeup of the event? Children? Families? Couples?

CS: This is a family friendly event, great for all ages and backgrounds. We expect to see everyone you mentioned including children, entire families and couples.


RAL: What makes this event unique?

CS: There are multiple factors that are going to make our event unique. Bob Marshall was an explorer who dedicated himself to the protection of wildlife areas. In fact, one of the local wilderness areas he traversed now carries his name and is the inspiration for our festival. In addition to observing the history and preservation of the wilderness area, we are going to feature a variety of great events to appeal to all attendees.


RAL: Take me through what attendees can I expect at the event.

CS: We have a ton going on. There will be at least 20 bands performing live at four separate locations. Those looking for an athletic challenge can participate in our 50k, 10k, 5k, and 2k running events. Our stand up paddle board race is also going to be a fun event to participate in and watch. We have 55, 35 and 25 mile mountain bike races, that wrap and wind through the beautiful local wilderness. If you're in search of food and/or refreshments, we will have a good variety of food vendors including Lindey's Prime Steak House, and a beer tent for those of age. You’ll also encounter nonprofits with informative booths, vendors, slacklines, onsite camping, and so much more.


RAL: What can an attendee expect to find for local lodging?

CS: People visiting the area will find some great local hotels, motels and some unique lakeside accommodations. We are offering $10 off for those who choose to camp onsite.


RAL: What does the event mean to the community?

CS: Even though this is only the first year, this is going to be a huge event for the entire community. Its perfect for anyone looking to get outdoor, enjoy great music and to meet new people.


RAL: Will this event drive business to your local economy?

CS: Yes, this event will be a huge economic driver for the community. With between 1,500 and 2,000 people coming into town and spending money on everything from gas to food, local stores stand to do well. As the festival grows and establishes itself the impact will only increase and benefit the community more and more each year.


RAL: Does the event support a special cause in the community?

CS: Yes, all of the proceeds benefit the Seeley Lake Elementary School and other community education programs. In fact there will be over 15 nonprofits, volunteers and organizations, represented at the event.


RAL: Why should people come to your event?

CS: Seeley Lake and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area are beautiful and worth a visit on their own. When combined with our new festival, they create a great experience for all. Whether you're just coming for the music or to partake in the events, we have something for everyone!

For more information about The Bob Marshall Music Festival, please visit their website.