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Hop, Skip, and Jump Your Way into the Wide World of Libations

Vancouver’s panoramic scenery, diverse cultural scene, and vibrant nightlife have made it the top destination for visitors to British Columbia. The province's most populated metropolitan area (more than 2.3 million residents) features a variety of cutting-edge restaurants including Kingyo, Royal Dinette, and Blue Water Cafe. Libation enthusiasts should visit the downtown area, which features Long Table Distillery and The Liberty Distillery.


The Hopscotch Festival of Whisky, Beer and Spirits is the leading showcase of libations in Vancouver, and it will take place November 20-26 in Vancouver. This year’s Grand Tasting Hall features beers, whiskeys, wines, and spirits from across the globe. Patrons can also purchase (via festival tokens) everything from full dinners to portable snacks. Those looking to relax can make their way to the Music Lounge featuring a variety of local musicians representing a variety of genres. Masterclasses held by industry professionals are ideal for attendees interested in learning about the distilling process, rare libations, bottling, and more. Satellite events including pairing sessions, dinners, and brewery tours are available for purchase. Don’t forget to sign up early because the classes fill up fast! New and returning patrons will love this year’s additions to the event such as new aesthetics, a companion app, wine garden, and more. We interviewed Festival Producer, Adam Bloch, to learn more about this spectacular celebration of libations.


RAL: How long has the event been running?

AB: The Hopscotch Festival is now 22 years old. The festival has been going strong since it started in 1996. It has evolved into many things since ’96 and continues to grow every year.


RAL: How many annual participants do you draw?

AB: The Hopscotch Festival in Vancouver will draw about 8,000 connoisseurs this year.


RAL: What demographic does your event attract? Children? Families? Couples?

AB: Since Hopscotch is a festival based on the love and enjoyment of liquor, it is only accessible to those 19 and older. Since this event is about learning about products and not just the act of drinking itself, it mostly attracts those between the ages of 27-60.  We see a split down the middle between men and women.


RAL: What makes this event unique?

AB: Where do I begin? Our event is one of the only shows that brings together fans of delicious craft beer and the iconic whisky brands of the world. By including these two communities, our event becomes a destination for thousands.


RAL: Take me through the activities of a day at the event.

AB: If you could imagine a trade show, open to the public, whereas each booth is a different Scotch or another whisky, craft or premium beer, cocktail, spirit or delicious catered food, that is what Hopscotch is. Guests take a trip around the hall enjoying delicious products from around the globe.


RAL: Will there be any guest appearances?

AB: We will have live music all night with a world-class DJ between band sets.


RAL: What dining options will attendees encounter?

AB: Several restaurants are exhibiting their delicious food for guests: La Pentola, Dixies BBQ, BKH, Steel Toad and Juno Kim Catering just to name a few! We will even have imported Haggis from Scotland!


RAL: Tell us about the atmosphere?

AB: The atmosphere of the festival is the best part. We bring together such a great group of people that all come to enjoy the common thread of excellent alcoholic products.


RAL: What can an attendee expect to find for local lodging?

AB: Vancouver is one of the most unique cities in the world. With a landscape like no other city on earth, the tourism industry flourishes. There are so many amazing sights to see and places to go that it takes multiple trips to get the full scope. Any search for accommodations in Vancouver will provide ample options for travelers.


RAL: Does this drive business to your local economy?

AB: Proceeds go to The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund, a fantastic Canadian National Charity that helps people using Music Therapy.


RAL: Why should people come to your event?

AB: Our event is one-of-a-kind. This year we have more booths, lower ticket prices, local beers and spirits, music lounge, and the list goes on.

For more information about the Hopscotch Festival of Whiskey, Beer and Spirits, visit the event website.