Be surrounded by the Pine Barrens and the majesty of the white sands of Cape May while you book your spa vacation in New Jersey. Offering some of the ranked top 100 spas in America, the Crystal Springs Resort has two great spas, both within 5 minutes of each other! The Elements Spa and Salon offers mineral, rejuvenating services and is ranked as the top spa in New Jersey and one of the top 30 in the United States, while the Luxurious Reflections Spa gives you a pristine experience with quartz crystals and soothing baths between treatments. These spas are also accessed through the Minerals Hotel, which is set deep in the Appalachian Valley. The Minerals Hotel also offers a fitness and a sauna room, for the ultimate in relaxation. Come and stay in New Jersey for a true spa getaway, and relax in bliss!

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