The sandy beaches of New Jersey’s shore, and the evergreen Pine Barrens bring you to a great natural retreat. Explore the mountains and treetops at Mountain Creek Resort. Those looking to bike can explore the 47 downhill and freeride trails, and with over 40 miles of trails to explore, there is plenty to see of the great wilderness. Take a ziplining tour for the ultimate view! The Crystal Springs Resort, which also includes the Minerals Hotel, gives you 4,000 acres of wilderness set in the Kittatinny Mountain Range for your nature adventure. During the warmer months hike and bike along the extravagant woods, and during the winter go skiing! For those looking for a private slice of a beachfront adventure, the Icona Diamond Beach resort has one of the few private beaches in New Jersey. Take a walk on the shores and observe the sealife in the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps even pick up a few seashells! For a gorgeous nature retreat, New Jersey has everything you could want.

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