Thanks to its diverse landscape, Oregon provides plenty of amazing destinations for your next West Coast hunting trip. Head to Umpqua National Forest, covering almost a million acres, for your chance to hunt big game like elk and deer. You can also hunt black bears and cougars if you have the right licences. Siuslaw National Forest has been recognized by Field and Stream as the best public elk hunting land in the country. Measuring over 600,000 acres, the woodlands are absolutely crawling with Rocky Mountain elk. Umatilla National Forest may actually be the most popular hunting destination in Oregon drawing some 30,000 hunters a year. Here, you have the opportunity to take down the state’s big game hunting mainstays (elk, deer, black bears, etc.) and a few more obscure animals (bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and more). When it comes to a successful and unforgettable hunting trip, Oregon is the perfect destination!

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