Comfort, Adventure, and Beauty on the Kenai Peninsula
St. Theresa's Lakeside Resort
Soldotna, Alaska
Alaska's magnificent Kenai Peninsula is a destination full of beauty, adventure, and natural relaxation. Resting upon 25 acres overlooking the stunning lake shore, St. Theresa's Lakeside Resort is everything you're looking for in a comfortable home-base for your next Alaska getaway. Their collection of cozy cabins provide the perfect blend of the rustic with the modern, making them one of the best...
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Alaska is an arctic kingdom of extraordinary wildlife, fishing and mesmerizing natural terrains. From a ferry viewing deck, you can spot bald eagles, sea otters and humpback whales. You might also be lucky enough catch a magic spectacle of northern lights after the vast florescent sunset. In Juneau, enjoy the Chilkat Theatre, native arts and totem poles. In Anchorage, visit the Museum of History and Art as well as the Native Heritage Center. Kayak among the icebergs of Glacier Bay, backpack among wolves and musk oxen in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or relive the Gold Rush in Nome at the Discovery Claim. These adventures and countless others await you in fabulous Alaska!

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