Welcome to Ethiopia

Filled with ruins, rock-hewn churches, and castles, the African country of Ethiopia is an architect’s, archeologist’s, and adventurer’s dreamland! Discover the monolithic, rock-carved churches of ancient Lalibla before exploring the 17th-century stone castles of Gonder, considered “Africa’s Camlelot.” Roam the prehistoric human remains of Omo National Park, safari in Nechisar National Park, and trek the sprawling Simien Mountains, home to gelada baboons and the country’s highest peak of Ras Dashen! Then, visit Aksum, the former site of the Aksumite kingdom and one of the rumored resting places of the Ark of the Covenant, for Northern Stelae Park and its towering obelisks. Dig up some adventure and design your Ethiopian escape, today!


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