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Unravel Reality At Zion Mountain Ranch

The daily grind takes a heavy toll on the vast majority of us. Monotonous repetition of grade school-level tasks and brain-wracking projects pulls down even the most resilient of responsible workers. It never stops; it never ends. The grueling inhumanity of today’s rigorous lifestyles have relegated human interaction to a mouse and keyboard affair. There is no room for relaxation, but everyone needs a break eventually. Not an equally taxing vacation filled with death-wish roller coasters and adrenaline spewing jet ski rides, but a real getaway from it all. Once in a while, we need to retreat to Zion Mountain Ranch and simply unplug from the stresses of the world.

A flat green meadow spreads in all directions, home to a herd of majestic buffalo. A mountainous backdrop stands guard at the edge of paradise, keeping the hectic busy bodies of Springdale, Utah, at bay. Tones of copper and sizzling vermillion light up the fields like wildfire in the morning, a sunrise to behold for guests at the authentically western ranch. Although undeniably sensational during the summer months, there is no ‘right’ time to relax in the Zion Mountains.

“Zion National Park is at its best in the winter and would definitely be considered a local secret. The weather is perfect for hiking. The air is cool and crisp in the mountains, and all of the tourists have headed home for the season,” outdoor photographer John Mackroe said.

Inside the lodges at Zion Mountain Ranch, it’s as serene as the expansive wilderness outside.

“We absolutely loved our stay at Zion Mountain Ranch! We stayed in the Canyon Rim Family Lodge with the whole family and we'll definitely be back. Thanks for the great stay and we'll see you again soon,” previous guest Tori Blackmore said.

Rustic art rests on knotty walls and centric stone fireplaces generate coziness through dancing flame. Deep purples and faded maroons combine with neutral colors for a decisively western and welcoming atmosphere. Each living space enjoys a theme of color and high mountain views of beautiful Zion National Park canyons from the peaceful meadow below. Relax with a good book by day, gather around the campfire under a starry expanse by night.

Zion Mountain Ranch is home to a plethora of activities designed to lift spirits and relax the mind, body and soul. The ranch is dedicated to preserving the beauty of the land and providing a permanent home to a herd of majestic buffalo. These tranquil creatures roam on several hundred acres of the ranch and are a thrill to watch from afar. The nightly campfire gathers guests in a circle, chatting and reminiscing about favorite memories while pasty marshmallows are turned golden brown and eagerly gobbled. Waterfall viewing is uniquely gratifying. The rushing sound of water soothes as cool mist breaks against your skin.

It is impossible not to relax at Zion Mountain Ranch. Its ideologies of peace and preservation are commendable and contagious. A new world is at your fingertips, rife with life and beauty. Make of it what you will, this is your time. Come, unwind and re-center amidst panoramic mountain views and creatures that will mystify and intrigue you. Enjoy all that there is to offer at Zion Mountain Ranch, your own escape from reality.