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The Ultimate Beachside Neighborhood in Ogunquit

When you imagine a Maine vacation, you might think of a quaint B&B on the shores of a windswept bay, a relaxing laid-back atmosphere where you can let your worries fade away, and delicious coastal fare to satisfy any cravings. This homeyness isn’t exclusive to just charming beachside inns; it can be found in spades at The Dunes on the Waterfront, Maine’s premier traditional cottage resort.

To truly understand what The Dunes is all about, you have to go back to the resort’s origins. The Dunes opened in Ogunquit in 1936, and quickly gathered a dedicated group of customers who would stay for the summer. Back then, city folk often wanted to recreate their happy neighborhoods in rural locations. The Dunes was the perfect place for that, as entire extended families could book entire cottages to spend a weekend (or longer) relaxing and getting to know each other better. Owner Aaron Perkins says that the resort’s past is one of his favorite aspects: “The history of this property is just incredible. Walking the land every day, I feel directly connected to the two generations of family before me who have made this business so special.”

Much of what made the resort so special in the past remains the same today. Families still come from all over to experience a home away from home. The hospitality remains first-rate, and with good reason: the employees are excited to be part of something with such a deep history. “The Dunes’ backstory is incredibly rich. In many ways, our guests do create their own homes away from home here. I feel lucky to be involved in this beautiful legacy,” says General Manager Katie Keene. Guests feel just as (if not more so) lucky.

Set on the sparkling Tidal River that flows behind Ogunquit Beach, the resort is subdued but charming, encouraging guests to choose their activities for themselves rather than the in-your-face style of most resorts. This is your vacation; spend it how you’d like. Whether that means sitting on the beach and watching the sun rise over the Atlantic or simply relaxing in your luxurious cottage, they’ll leave it up to you. 

The resort’s 12 acres are quiet, secluded, and peaceful, encouraging patrons to unwind and “recharge their batteries,” so to speak. And while The Dunes and the laid-back nature of Ogunquit encompass an old-school charm, the resort itself is almost deceptively modern. Regularly updated accommodations and excellent wireless internet all over the property ensure you’re comfortable and well-connected. We could wax poetic about how wonderful The Dunes is forever, but we’ll let one of their guests do the honors instead: 

"I absolutely love coming here. It's peaceful, it's relaxing, everything is unchanged from when I was coming here as a little kid. It's my favorite place in the world.”