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An Unmatched Family Resort on the Picturesque Maine Coastline

Ever since Meadowmere Resort opened its doors back in 1983 in Ogunquit, Maine, it has been one of the leading family vacation destinations in the region. Founded by the Cavaretta family, this resort began with 40 high quality rooms featuring great amenities and they haven't looked back since. The resort was one of the first year-round lodging destinations in the area, setting itself apart from other local resorts. Over the years the property became a go-to destination for families, couples, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The increased patronship led them to expand their offerings multiple times with improvements like new rooms, remodeled facilities, a fitness center, health spa and much more.


Fast forward to present day and the Meadowmere now has 144 luxurious rooms, while almost every amenity and perk travelers encounter is catered toward the ultimate family experience. As you and your family reach the resort, you’re welcomed by the stunning Maine coastline, vibrant natural surroundings and the beautiful grounds. Each room is expertly decorated and furnished to high standards. Your family will love the in-room perks that include options such as: multiple plush beds, fireplaces, comfortable furniture, wireless internet and suites with plenty of space for everyone to unwind. Onsite at Meadowmere Resort, there are plenty of family activities including a fully loaded game room, two pools and a TV viewing room with theater-style seating. Meadowmere Resort is ready and waiting to provide your family with an unforgettable visit.


The resort is certainly a top family destination, but the town of Ogunquit also has plenty to offer families like yours. There are events and festivals year-round that give you a unique perspective of the area and it's a great way to connect with the friendly populace. Outdoor activities here range from walking the scenic shoreline to great local amusement parks. You and your family will love the unique shops, restaurants with a wide range of delicious meals, and all the opportunities to absorb the great local culture. For a Maine experience that your entire family will cherish for years to come, make Meadowmere Resort your next vacation destination. got the chance to interview Allyson Cavaretta, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Meadowmere Resort, to talk about this great family destiantion.


RAL: Tell me about the history of the resort and how it ties to family.

AC: When our family began the journey of operating a hotel in Ogunquit in 1983, the Meadowmere's signature features were an indoor pool and a smile. From the beginning, our dedication to a hearty Maine welcome for each guest filled the few rooms that we had. Back then, we sent out personal postcards once a month to our regular guests. The internet just wasn't around yet!


Since those early days, many changes have occurred at our hotel. However, the Meadowmere Resort is still a family business and a Maine Family Resort. Our hotel has grown to offer an indoor Roman Bath, an outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub, warm gathering areas, and an award-winning health club and spa. Plus, we have quite a few more rooms too. Some of our wonderful suites even come equipped with Jacuzzi’s and fireplaces now.


RAL: Tell me about the resort today and the family owned theme.

AC: As an independent, family owned and operated hotel, some of the words we hear most often from our guests are ‘home’, ‘family’ and ‘cozy’. Just the other day we received an email from a young couple that was so heartwarming. They have been coming to the Meadowmere for the last three years. They work tirelessly in food service with multiple jobs and lack vacation time. The hotel has become a breath of fresh air for them each winter. They celebrate their anniversary and on this occasion, they took the time to tell us how our team makes them feel right at home without the work and complications of being home. This year money was a little tight, and they still opted to stay an extra night simply because they didn't want to leave us! We made them feel like they’d found a home away from home.


It is only through genuine care and a commitment to our unique warm hospitality service that guests can experience such a stay. It is an honor to be involved in the lives of our guests. We’ve been included at memorial services for some of our patrons by the next generation of their families staying with us. We take pride in being a part of the next generation of guests who grew alongside the hotel and now are coming with their kids. Just last year, two amazing guests who met in the indoor pool as little kids and vacationed with their families over the years at the Meadowmere, celebrated their wedding day with us. All of that is special and part of our Family Serving Family mantra.

RAL: What sets Meadowmere apart from other resorts in the area?

AC: I think it is the commitment to a warm, unstuffy welcome and helping guests not just relax, but get into the fun of a vacation. We celebrate those experiences by sharing service stories across departments. Right away upon arrival our credo is prominently displayed and there is a line in it that reads ‘I will welcome you into the Meadowmere family as it is my pleasure to serve you’.


RAL: What is the overall feel/environment of the resort like?

AC: We are completely cool with funny pajamas and animal slippers when you go to get your morning coffee. It’s okay if the best way to bring your kid’s giraffe inner tube to Ogunquit Beach is to wear it. Being in Patriot’s land, it’s understandable to show us pictures of just how close you got to Tom Brady at the Super Bowl parade. On the other hand, if you are looking for the perfect romantic spot and have an amazing formal dress, we’ve got you covered. Time and again guests come back, often with more and more friends and family members to share with us. It’s a treat when we find out six or seven homes from the same street are coming on vacation. One family started that and now they are all part of the fun. These things make our guests happy and our team loves learning about special occasions and trips.


RAL: Tell me a couple of stories about unique guests and situations.

AC: This is actually a pretty tricky question. With our long history and over 65% repeat guests, there are so many. We had the pleasure to have guests provide their stories in their own words and have some great videos at our website.

If I have to pick a recent one, a grandfather who was bringing up his extended family for the holiday had made a little bit of a tactical error this past Christmas. His youngest arrived and realized that she wouldn’t be at home for Santa. She was convinced Santa wouldn’t find her. Tough spot for a kid and grandpa who had gifts in his room, but didn’t want to ruin the holiday surprise. We created a letter from Santa and one of the team members brought in his tabletop Christmas tree.

The letter said that Santa had heard about her trip, and was ready to deliver her gifts Christmas morning. All she had to do was put this Christmas tree in her room for him to put them under. Everyone was thrilled and well, merry! It wasn’t a complicated fix, but it did make a tremendous difference.


RAL: What makes the resort such a good place to bring the family?

AC: First, traveling with kids can be fun, but full of twists and surprises. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with the planned vacation. We are ready with special zoo passes, our indoor pool, Roman Spa, game room, and other amenities. With all of those options, it’s easy to enjoy the day, even with rain. The hotel is also set up to have an adult amenity near a kid-friendly amenity, like the outdoor hot tub and indoor pool being in close proximity. It means that Mom and Dad have a chance to unwind too. Plus, the kids can grow up here over the years. Ogunquit has so much to offer and our hotel is centrally located with the privacy to avoid crowds along the water.


RAL: Tell me about the surrounding area, family activities, attractions, must visit locations.

AC: Golfing, fishing, birding and hiking are only minutes away when you plan a trip to Ogunquit. With easy access to the village center, beach, Marginal Way and Perkins Cove from our central location, your vacation is the perfect mix of relaxation and exploration.


This makes Ogunquit one of the best spots in New England for multiple families to travel together. It has so much for all ages. The young kids love tidal pools on the river side of the beach. Older kids enjoy playing volleyball and trying out paddle boarding. Off the beach there’s amazing hiking, zip lining, kid’s theatre and art, and even a lobster cruise. That one is a bit like sneaking in the veggies. The kids have a blast on a real lobster boat all while learning about how a lobster lives and why those tasty critters are so important to Maine.


RAL: Why should families come?

AC: Ogunquit and the Meadowmere have been around for generations. There is an authentic feel to both the village and the hotel. You’ll come to the realization that you are in special place with real people: Mainers! This is a location where you can truly unwind, even if your family trip is just a day or two. Plus, you’ll get some of the best pictures to share socially. It is known as the Beautiful Place by the Sea, after all. And who doesn’t love posting a great photo album on Facebook? You’ll end up coming back again and again, just like family.

For more information about Meadowmere Resort, please visit their website.