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Discover “Pure Horsemanship” at Bear Creek Ranch

When you're riding the range in Montana, you want an experience. You don't want to settle for a slow and plodding trail ride. You shouldn’t be content to just ride without learning horsemanship skills. You don't want to miss the opportunity to have a real Montana ranch experience. Horseback riding trips should be an adventure, and at Bear Creek Ranch in East Glacier, Montana, you’ll discover exciting rides that will make memories and build essential skills that last a lifetime.

Since the early 1990s, when ranch manager Bill Beck decided to raise the bar for their riding program, Bear Creek Ranch has been offering trail rides that focus on the horsemanship necessary to make each trip an experience. This begins in the sand riding arena on site. From the basics of moving through gaits and lead changes to running barrels, moving cattle, and even roping cattle, you can bring your riding to a new level.

“Believe me, if you want to ride hard, ride every day, and ride some serious miles in great country, and do so safely and with regard to your horses, you can do that here,” Beck said. 

But riding the arena isn't all you'll do. Beginning on May 26, 2013, Bear Creek Ranch will be welcoming the first guests to ride from four different locations on both sides of the Continental Divide with their new “Riding the Four Winds” trip. You will journey from the mountains just opposite Glacier National Park, into the rolling foothills of the Front Range of the Rockies, and finally onto the rolling prairie of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. If you want to experience the area like never before, this is an adventure not to be missed.

On June 2, 2013, the first of two spring cattle drives begins. These cattle drives have long been a Bear Creek Ranch institution, with the first cattle drives to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation beginning almost 25 years ago. In 2012, they moved more than 2,000 head of cows, calves, and bulls, and it was truly a memorable experience for those who were there.

Beck noted that these cattle drives are taken at an exhilarating pace. “If you think we did all that riding at a walk, well, put it this way: we wouldn't have gotten it done!”

And, if you want to expand your horsemanship skills in the round pen, arena, and great outdoors, join Bill Beck and Dutch Lunak, a well-known Blackfeet cowboy and Hollywood stuntman, for a special week of “Pure Horsemanship” beginning on July 1, 2013. As one of 12 guests, you'll be part of a hands-on workshop, riding the high country of Montana and building an essential foundation of horsemanship skills that will allow you to ride hard, ride well, and ride safely.

The thrill of a lifetime is waiting for you at Bear Creek Ranch!