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Top New Jersey Resorts on the Beach
When people think of beach vacations, they probably think of the hot and crowded coasts of California and Florida. Sure you can join the rat race and head there this summer... OR you could go somewhere just as good and much less crowded! New Jersey has a deluge of antiquated, modern, petite, and grandiose resorts and lodges, available for couples, families, and business retreats alike. The following list are the 10 best.

Icona Resorts Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach, New Jersey

+1 (866) 452 - 8581

No, you wouldn’t typically associate New Jersey with fantastic beach resorts, but after a stay at Icona Resorts, you’ll change your mind!

If Icona was described in one word, it would be ICONIC. Puns aside, the resplendent accommodations and hospitality of the resort IS iconic, and it’s what keeps guests coming back year after year. Their goal, as stated on their website, is “ that your time with us truly becomes a heavenly experience”. And it will be, as you’ll fall in love with your exceedingly comfortable lodgings and the natural coastal beauty. Catch some z’s, fish, or rays of sun!


Periwinkle Inn

Cape May, New Jersey

+1 (877) 295 - 8283

As the premier hotel on the beachfront in Victorian Cape May, the Periwinkle Inn's reputation for luxury and service precedes it.

Breathe in an oceanfront breeze and exhale all your worries and stresses- you won't need them at the Periwinkle Inn! As you listen to the waves breaking on the oceanfront, feel the sunshine, and watch the gulls soar overhead, you'll realize that the Periwinkle Inn is, in a word, superb. Its combination of tranquility, fun, and beach makes it a modern day Eden, while its friendly service makes you feel right at home. Just don't forget the sunscreen- you'll be spending a lot of time on the beach!


Waikiki Oceanfront Inn

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

+1 (609) 522 - 0115

Whether you're a family looking for an adventure or a couple in search of romance, The Waikiki Inn is place for you!

Located in Wildwood Crest at the southernmost tip of New Jersey, Waikiki features some of the warmest climates the Jersey Shore has to offer, along with upscale amenities and an incredible location with nigh-immediate beach access. Each of the Inn's 13 accommodations are unique in their own way, but all are held to the highest standard of excellence. All guests have access to the heated pool and oceanfront sundeck with cabanas, so get out and enjoy yourself on the Jersey Shore!


Fleur De Lis Beach Resort

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

+1 (609) 522 - 0123

A Fleur-de-lis can mean many things, among them religious, political, dynastic, artistic, emblematic, and symbolic.

That diverse array of definitions also encapsulates the eponymous resort; it can't be defined by one thing, as there's too much to love. Step out the door and you're on the beach, with only the majesty of the Atlantic before you. If you don't feel like getting salty, hop into the pristine outdoor pool for some wet and wild fun, then grab some steaks and make your family's mouths water in the BBQ area. Your lovely lodgings will be waiting for you when you're ready to turn in.


The White Sands Oceanfront Resort & Spa

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

View +1 (888) 558 - 8958

Smack-dab between New York City and Philadelphia sits a resort that will make you forget about the glitz and glamour of the big cities.

Of course, we speak of The White Sands Oceanfront Resort & Spa, also known as "Your new favorite place in the world". Set on the captivating waters of Point Pleasant Beach, you and your family can get out and enjoy the weather with an incredible beach day. If you need some rejuvenation, simply make your way to the hotel's full-service spa, where you will be treated to massages, facials, and exceptional comfort. Just don't forget to check out all the other things to do in Point Pleasant!


Paradise Oceanfront Resort

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

View +1 (609) 729 - 5000

The Paradise Ocean Resort. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s a resort, by the ocean, and a paradise!

Located in beautiful Wildwood Crest, The Paradise has a reputation for hospitality and cleanliness, and has received multiple of Trip Advisor’s Certificates of Excellence. Grab the kids, spouse, friends, etc. and get out on the beach, where you’ll find a plethora of mind-blowing activities to participate in. In the sand you can fly kites, toss a frisbee, and play wiffle ball, while in the water you’ll be surf fishing, jet skiing, and boating along the resplendent New Jersey coastline.


Morey's Piers Resorts

Wildwood, New Jersey

View +1 (609) 522 - 0606

The first thing to notice about Morey's is that it doesn't say "Resort"; it says "Resorts". That's right, there are three to choose from!

Each of the three resorts is full of charm, hospitality, and beach bungalow-inspired decor. The Pan American Hotel is perfect for couples seeking a peaceful getaway. The Port Royal Hotel is a nautically-themed family hotel on the shores of Wildwood Crest. Finally, the Starlux Boutique Hotel features classic Americana couture and artfully crafted award-winning architecture, all tied together in a nostalgic Doo Wop era wrapper. Any would be spectacular for a stay on the Jersey shore!


Four Winds of Wildwood Crest

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

View +1 (609) 729 - 4535

Holding claim to the widest (and arguably the finest) beaches on the east coast, The Four Winds is also notable for its incalculable class.

The condominiums of The Four Winds hold all the charms and nuances of their namesake. They’re cool on a hot day like the north wind, yet soothing like the south. As charming as the west wind, yet full of vigor like the east, a stay in a Four Winds room is, suffice to say, and experience. They’re available for daily or weekly rentals, so come and stay for as little or as long as you’d like. Preferably long.


Coliseum Ocean Resort

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

View +1 (609) 729 - 4444

With all the majesty and none of the violence of the Roman Coliseum, Coliseum Ocean Resort is your next Jersey mainstay!

Coliseum Ocean Resort is based on the belief that their guests’ needs are of the utmost importance. The hospitality here is unmatched; you’ll never want for anything, as the friendly staff will do all in their power to make your stay a worry-free one. The building itself was built in 2000 and is constantly upgraded and improved, providing guest with a modern setting based in luxury. Don’t forget to enjoy the beach and nearby shopping and dining!


The Crusader Oceanfront Family Resort

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

View +1 (800) 462 - 3260

Despite its name’s violent roots, The Crusader is a serene, peaceful beach-side retreat, perfect for couples and families alike.

Featuring a beach so white you’ll be temporarily blinded by its glory, The Crusader is one of the country’s premier coastal destinations, and has been for 48 years. Get out on the sand and become the bronzed god/goddess that has always been lurking inside you. Let your kids bury you, build a sandcastle, or take a dip into the life-affirming water. Just steps away, their world-famous boardwalk beckons with incredible views, food, and more!