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Top Health and Wellness Center Resorts
Today, smartphones are like a fifth appendage, each startling beep exciting every nerve in your body in ugly anticipation of what comes next: another work email. Family dinners are interrupted, social gatherings ruined. Planners are bursting, lives are bustling, and men are balding, but not for long. Change all that with the best spas and wellness centers from around the country. Hot tubs long for your sweet embrace, hot springs work mind-boggling magic, and miracle workers knead your muscles in ways you never thought possible. Stress will be squeezed from your body and negativity will dissipate, leaving behind only a relaxing sigh of relief and blissful ignorance of the worries of the world.
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Rugged Rocky mountain peaks juxtapose the soft, relaxing treatments found at Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa. Keep your body as hard as the mountains at the Vail Vitality Center, a place to be physical, educated, motivated, and relaxed. The Vail Athletic Club offers Pilates, yoga, and meditation while 18,000 square feet of fitness facilities adds to the exercise. Unwind in the sauna, steamroom, or outdoor Jacuzzis. Afterward, pamper yourself with spa and nail services, including 12 therapy rooms.


Sparkling Hill Resort

Vernon, British Columbia

+1 (888) 513 - 6928

Sparkling Hill Resort's onsite clinic will make you feel so good you'll wonder if they just gave you an entirely new body!

The Clinic at KurSpa will help you restore optimum physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health in a plethora of ways. The clinic is unique in that it combines all the services of a naturopathic clinic, integrative medicine clinic, and full-service spa under one roof- you're certainly getting your money's worth! Programs are designed to treat the whole body and eliminate chronic pain and inflammation, defy aging, and improve health, relationships, and work-life balance. It's superb!


Honeymoon Bay Lodge & Retreat

Honeymoon Bay, British Columbia

+1 (866) 280 - 9584

A lovers' lodge in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, Honeymoon Bay Lodge & Retreat is perfect for dissolving the stresses of wedding planning. Treat your spouse to extensive pampering at the spa, with reflex-foot therapy and a hot stone massage that nobody could refuse. The salt water hot tub is just waiting for you to dip your toes in. Watch your stress bead up and fall away in the inviting sauna. Take your bride or groom on a revitalizing honeymoon they will never forget.

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Be one of the lucky ones staying at the exclusive Heartland Spa & Fitness Resort. Only 41 guests are permitted at a time, preserving the 2:1 staff to guest ratio and guaranteeing you receive all the focused attention you deserve. Phones and internet connections are missing amenities here, garnering a stress-free, social environment. The only stressful decision you will have to make is: Do you spread out in the Jacuzzi, or take a walk through 32 acres of picturesque pastures and woods?


Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Fairmont, Montana

View +1 (800) 332 - 3272

At Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, you can enjoy a day of pool-hopping, without ever leaving the resort. Two over-sized Olympic pools, two mineral pools, and a 350-foot water slide using hot springs water are missing only your blissful expression. The pools are continuously fed by natural, 155-degree hot springs water, cooled to various degrees for maximum comfort and stress relief. If swimming is not your thing, feel your worries arc off your driver at the golf course.

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It's hard to argue with alluring red rocks scenery, three healthy meals per day, and a full-menu spa and salon. It's hard to argue with Red Mountain Resort & Spa. However, it's rather easy to meander through the 55 acres of black lava gardens and fragrant mesquite, located outside your villa suite. It's just as easy to settle into the wellness classes, centered on simplifying the complexity of your body and fortifying your health. Stay at Red Mountain, where everything is just easy.


Green Valley Spa & Hotel

St. George, Utah

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Soak up the warmth of the surrounding red rocks and enjoy the pampering of a lifetime at Green Valley Spa, "one of the top three spas in the world," according to Travel & Leisure. The world-famous spa fosters a warm, friendly atmosphere and offers the only four-diamond accommodations in southern Utah. Indulge in one of the stress relief programs, or take to the Treatment Center for some bodywork, detox, and cleansing. Fall into your luxury bedding, with every part of your body rejuvenated.


Deerfield Spa

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

View +1 (800) 852 - 4494

Deerfield Spa is the Pennsylvania relaxation zone that doles out free Swedish massages to guests who stay one week. Experience uninterrupted zen with professional pamperers catering to your every need, healthy gourmet food waiting to be savored, and sunny, cozy accommodations that inspire easy slumber. If you want to break away from all the attention, leisurely hike the beautiful Appalachian trail, just minutes away. Pack your bags, come to Deerfield, and put the "aaah" in spa.

View +1 (800) 665 - 5272

Get ready for the spa-cation of your life at Spa Eastman Health & Wellness Retreat. Be submerged in the benefits of alternating hot and cold temperatures on ones body with the Kneipp approach, get trendy in the Nordic spas, and wash off leftover tension in the igloo shower. Enjoy the 4-10 p.m. relaxation package, comforting you with complete access to thermo-therapy facilities Eastman-les-Baines, and dine on healthy gourmet cuisine at the restaurant right before your 60-minute massage!

+1 (866) 593 - 3018

Instantly unbind sore muscles after a day of healthy exercise when you retire to your massive queen bed at the YMCA Trout Lodge & Camp. Stretch your hammies before arrival, as there is a plethora of activity here to boost your heart rate and chop your breath short. Let the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri be your playground as you hike, run, jump, and paddle your way into a healthier you. Winter and summer camps start the quest for health early, offering kids a fun way to get outside and play!