1 . Big Creek Lodge

Big Creek, British Columbia

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Is there a more majestic image than a horse and rider, silhouetted by looming snow-tipped peaks in the distance? Come to BCL and see.

For pure nature and Canadian wilderness in a ranch setting, there's no place better than Big Creek Lodge. Set in the center of the Chilcotins, all you have to do is look out the window for an incredible view of forests, water and mountains. Of course, you came to BCL to ride some horses, and ride them you shall! Go trail-riding, ranch-riding, and cattle-working, or ditch the horse for some gold-panning or snowmobile tours! There's never a dull moment at Big Creek Lodge!

2 . Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Tofino, British Columbia

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Only seal song and the soft slap of a kayak paddle break the silence of Vancouver Island. Canvas-cloaked guest tents spring up from somewhere Animal Planet and National Geographic dream of: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. Take only pictures and leave only hoofprints in a place where Mother Nature's pride runs rampant. In an island of wilderness waterfalls, snow-coated mountain tops, glittering glacial lakes, and old-growth forests, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort offers refuge!

3 . Three Bars Ranch

Cranbrook, British Columbia

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Raising the bar for traditional guest ranches is Three Bars Ranch of the Canadian Rockies. Where every cabin is "just right," write your own fairytale ending every day. Like Churchill's wisdom is written, "No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." From old hands to greenhorns, at Three Bars Ranch every rider crosses the Canadian Rockies frontier in stride. Savor the Old West flavor, get a taste for adventure, and experience true Western hospitality, Three Bars Ranch style.

4 . Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Jesmond, British Columbia

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Echoes of the West harmonize with Eastern notes at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa. A soothing environment of the Western-style Cariboo Spa blends with the traditional Thai spa therapies at this innovative East-to-West affair. Go gold panning or take in the riches of the Canadian Rocky Mountains with your own two eyes. Cowboy Country British Columbia is a horseback riding paradise second-to-none. And, guided horseback rides at Echo Valley Ranch are excursions of a lifetime!

5 . Tod Mountain Ranch

Heffley Creek , British Columbia

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Old Westerns, outdone by Tod Mountain Ranch. Breathe in the air that carries hawk and eagle wings to the Alpine forests of nearly 30,000 hectares of mountain trails. Geared toward more intimate adventures, Tod Mountain Ranch offers a new brand of the total immersion guest ranch experience. A four-hoofed friend matched to both your body and your ability waits to meet you outside the traditional-with-a-twist cabins, old logging roads, cattle trails, and forest paths of Tod Mountain Ranch.

6 . Free Rein Guest Ranch

Bridge Lake, British Columbia

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Take Free Rein in British Columbia's cowboy country! Where rolling hills, hidden lakes, secret meadows, and secluded trails rival both the Wild and Midwest wilderness of its national neighbor. The breathtaking backdrop of a British Columbia retreat is treated to a guest ranch adventure at Free Rein Guest Ranch in Bridge Lake, British Columbia. Embrace the relaxed Cariboo Country lifestyle and prepare for inspiration on this 285-acre ranch with a custom saddle fit for everyone.

7 . The Hills Guest Ranch

108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia

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"Wholistic" health resort meets the Canadian Wild West at The Hills Guest Ranch! Personalized health experiences are coupled with the award-winning wilderness & adventure spa for a whole new trip to healthy living. The unspoiled wilderness of British Columbia's Cariboo Country was once mined for gold. Today, its gold diggers set their sights on another treasure: rosehips. This potent oil strengthens, soothes, and heals your spirit in the middle of 20,000 adventurous acres of ranch land.

8 . Sundance Guest Ranch

Ashcroft, British Columbia

CALL DIRECT: +1 (250) 453 - 2422


The sights and sounds of British Columbia's amazing mountainous terrain deserves to be taken in slowly. So leave the car at the gate and find a four-hooved friend among the 100-horse herd of Sundance Guest Ranch. Four hooves are the best vehicle to the thousands of acres of unexplored terrain. Just four hours from Vancouver lies a wilderness of mountain panoramas, the sweeping Thompson River Valley, and more importantly, the beginning of your next guest ranch adventure.

9 . Spring Lake Ranch

, California

CALL DIRECT: +1 (250) 791 - 5776


British Columbia's Cariboo Country reveals another guest ranch classic: the tranquil Spring Lake Guest Ranch! Golden log cabins rest on their haunches at the Spring Lake shore, surrounded by 10,000 acres of ancient forest trails. Wranglers come from around the world to teach you the cowboy lifestyle and leave the explorer spark in your adventurous soul. By wagon, sleigh, or saddle, the horses of Spring Lake Ranch will take you places you've never been, and will ever after wish to return.

10 . Chilcotin Holidays

Gold Bridge, British Columbia

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Experience a 5-star wilderness vacation at Chilcotin Holidays. Canadian adventures come custom with action-packed, tailored-to-you pack trips, guest ranch stays, and chalet rentals. More than just another guest ranch, Chilcotin mimics an old-world adventure with options interesting even to the first British Columbia explorers. Three levels of Pioneer, Explorer, and Mountain Challenger pack trips traverse the mountains nomadic-style across rivers, mountain-top passes, and the world's best view.