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Top 10 Ontario Hunting Lodges
Dinner time finds you reaching into the frosty depths of your freezer. When your hand comes up empty, it’s time to face sad facts: the last of your venison is gone! But don’t throw up your hands in despair just yet; the solution to your lack of big game lies just across the border. While you may be tempted to pack a Hawaiian shirt and make for Mexico’s beaches, we had something a little further north in mind. You’d do well to polish your rifle and shine up your shotgun, because you’re going hunting in the heart of Canucks country. From massive black bear to swift-footed grouse, you’ll find plenty to take aim at on our Top 10 Ontario Hunting Lodges list!

Olive the Lake

Marten River, Ontario

+1 (866) 939 - 2130

As the host for Canada in the Rough TV in 2013 and Hitmen Canada in 2014, you can be rest assured that a hunting trip at Olive the Lake is everything you need - and more. Located in MWU 40, Olive the Lake offers a truly ideal Ontario setting for all your hunting needs. Their hunting packages include a charming cottage accommodation, one boat and motor rental, tracking and transportation assistance, and more! The surrounding area is full of a variety of game for your hunting trip. Ideal for black bear, moose, rabbit, lynx and grouse, there's plenty of options awaiting for you! Nearby Marten River is a popular destination for waterfowl hunting, too. After a long day of hunting, return to your cozy cottage which comes equipped with many modern amenities for a truly comfortable and convenient getaway. An open concept kitchen, barbecue grill, shower, screened-in porch, and much more are available to make you feel right at home. And if you need a little break from hunting, you can enjoy a day of Ontario fishing, instead. From walleye fishing at Marten River to trout fishing at Red Cedar Lake, you're sure to find a spot just right for you!


12 Richfield Road Marten River , Ontario P0H 1T0

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Olive the Lake can also help you plan an unforgettable wolf or coyote hunting trip!

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Enjoy a unique kayak fishing experience on the Marten River during your trip to Olive the Lake!


Sandy Beach Lodge

Red Lake, Ontario

View +1 (800) 294 - 3643

Discover an outdoor enthusiast's oasis at Sandy Beach Lodge, where big game hunting and exceptional fishing combine. Tucked away in Ontario's secluded wilderness, breathtaking natural scenery serves as your backdrop while on bear or moose hunts. The only thing bigger than the game is the vast wilderness.

Located on 150,000 acres of preserved pristine wilderness within the Trout Lake Conservation Reserve, this lodge offers so much space for your hunting expedition. In fact, the Bear Management Area is located on 150 square miles of remote wilderness, where the trophy black bears roam. Only guests of Sandy Beach Lodge are granted access to this hunting mecca. Moose hunters can purchase a seven-day hunting package, where they're given a chance to bag a trophy rack. When you're not hunting, fish the sparkling waters of Trout Lake. These hunting packages also include fishing gear like boat rentals, minnow buckets, and map. The expert staff is more than willing to share their hot-spot secrets as well. This incredible experience also includes a rustic stay in a cabin, which is fully heated and offers gorgeous natural views. Sandy Beach Lodge is the outfitter you've been hunting for!


Box 1040 Red Lake, Ontario, Canada P0V 2M0

Fun facts

About 20 percent of the harvested bears are of the cinnamon and chocolate phases.

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Unwind in the main lodge with a game of pool and savor four-course dinners of freshly caught fish each night!


Marten River Lodge

Marten River, Ontario

+1 (866) 752 - 1863

Let’s face it – life is full of contradictions. For instance, patience is a virtue when perched in your tree stand, bow in hand. It’s also a surefire way to miss out on your Ontario hunting vacation at our No. 3 pick, Marten River Lodge. Outdoor adventures this good are bound to go fast!

Just as the compass needle always points due north, all the signs point to a successful hunting trip at Marten River Lodge. We’re talking about the perfect blend of big game, location and accommodation that comes with every hunting vacation at Marten River Lodge. Like acres of Northern Ontario wilderness, with forests that hide the elusive black bear and expansive lakes where everything from walleye to northern pike swim. Tree stand perches tucked into the dense Canadian brush allow for long-range shots for rifles, short shots for bow hunters and up to a 90 percent success rate no matter which weapon you carry! By now you’ve probably realized Ontario hunting lodges that also offer fishing are a dime a dozen, but that’s no reason to forgo Marten River Lodge’s exceptional fishing conditions. From Wicksteed Lake walleye to Slash Lake smallmouth bass, trophy catches are just a cast away at Marten River Lodge.


36 Marten River Rd., Marten River, Ontario, CA P0H 1T0


Hunting packages include accommodations, three meals per day, expert guides, hunting and fishing licenses, baited tree stands and butchering services.

Fun facts

Have a friend who would enjoy the Ontario scenery, but prefers not to hunt? Marten River Lodge allows non-hunting guests to accompany the hunter for only $900 per week.


Lake Herridge Lodge

Temagami, Ontario

View +1 (800) 838 - 0891

Wondering what to pack for your Ontario hunting vacation? We recommend a rifle or shotgun, insect repellent, rain gear and your extended family. If that last must-have item made you pause, we think it’s time to rethink your hunting vacations.

With great fishing, even better hunting and a lodge that was made for family, Lake Herridge Lodge lets the outsdoorsman – or woman – in you shine without sacrificing a minute of family time. Lake Herridge’s crystal clear waters were made for kayak paddles and cannonball contests, while a game room with pool tables and pinball machines is perfect for after-dark competitions. Experienced hunters can spend hours tracking black bear and moose through the Temagami wilderness. And from grouse to fox, the small game found in these Ontario forests makes for an excellent introduction to the sport! Once you’ve successfully taken that hefty black bear or trophy bull, it’s time to put down the bow and pick up the fishing pole. You didn’t really expect to spend a week on the shores of Lake Herridge and not cast a line, did you? The walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and lake trout that inhabit these pristine Canadian waters would be pretty disappointed!


Take in Temagami and its endless beauty from a small aircraft. Flights can be arranged with Lakeland Airways in Temagami.

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With an extensive fleet of 30 boats in all shapes and sizes, Lake Herridge Lodge can provide the boats, motors and gas you need to fish Lake Herridge and nearby chains.


Andy Myers Lodge

Vermilion Bay, Ontario

View +1 (888) 727 - 5865

Andy Myers Lodge is well-known for its fishing, but this new generation lodge with Old World charm is also fitting for our #1 pick for hunting lodges. Allow us to take you to Vermilion Bay, where the Ontario forests are teeming with white-tailed deer and the Ontario sky is alive with waterfowl.

Ready to catch that trophy whitetail deer you’ve been dreaming of? Andy Myers Lodge gives you access to 4,000 private acres and 15,000 acres of remote government land. Plus, the lodge’s Tall Tine Outfitters is recognized as a leader in NW Ontario guided hunting trips. The experts will take you through big bush country with ATVs or 4WD trucks to get you to the game. Then it’s on you. But don’t worry – the sheer amount of wildlife puts the odds in your favor. Plus, nearby Eagle Lake attracts black ducks, greenhead mallards and many more types of waterfowl. So take your pick and have at it. Return to a family-style meal at camp and show off your prize catch. Then get a good night’s rest in your cozy cabin and do it again tomorrow! With 35 miles of quality hunting area and some of the best guides, Andy Myers Lodge is the perfect Ontario hunting vacation.

Dates and Times

Ontario deer hunts extend from late October to late November. Wolf hunting goes from mid December to early March. And waterfowl season is from early September to mid November.

Getting there

From International Falls, Minnesota – Take Highway 11 east until Highway 502. Go north on Highway 502 to Dryden, then take Highway 17 west toward Vermilion Bay. Turn left on Myers Road and follow signs.

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Andy Myers Lodge has some of the best fishing in Canada, offering world-record-sized muskie, Canadian walleye and much more!


Silv’ry Moon Lodge

Noelville, Ontario

View +1 (705) 857 - 2633

No offense to your Labrador retriever, but Trout Lake promises to be one of the finest hunting companions you’ve ever had. The sandy banks and pristine waters of this Ontario lake give way to acre after acre of Canadian wilderness, where massive bull moose – soon to be mounted on your wall – taunt you with their calls.

Even if you only bag a calf, the journey is half the fun at Silv’ry Moon Lodge. Wake with the loons each morning, fall asleep under the light of the moon each night and stalk the Ontario wilderness to your heart’s content in the long hours in between. Hearty meals and cozy accommodations are included in every Silv’ry Moon hunt. And while Trout Lake serves as a watering hole for cows and their calves, it’s also filled with northern pike, perch, walleye and muskie that patiently await your hook! You’re the type of parent who’s accustomed to your kids racing up to you, covered head to toe in dirt and with a slimy frog clasped tightly in their grasp. For you, a family vacation to Silv’ry Moon Lodge finds you in familiar territory – even if you’ve never set foot on Canadian soil before. The lodge’s log cabins even include screened porches that are perfect for card games just beyond the pesky mosquito’s reach.


Each Silv’ry Moon cabin steps out to the pine-studded shores of Trout Lake, where kids can reel in a full stringer of tasty pan fish with just a few casts.

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The lodge’s convenience store carries bread, milk, pop, ice, candy, firewood and fishing tackle.

Getting there

To reach Silv’ry Moon Lodge, head north on Hwy. 400 from Toronto to Hwy. 69. Proceed north on Hwy. 69 to Hwy. 64. Proceed through Noelville on 535 to Trout Lake Road. Turn left and follow the signs to the lodge.


Owls Nest Lodge

Alban, Ontario

View +1 (705) 857 - 2565

Our No. 7 Ontario pick also hails from Trout Lake’s shores. While plenty of wildlife – beaver, loons and deer included – frequent the French River region that it fronts, chances are you came for slightly bigger game. With a premier location backed up to some of Ontario’s finest hunting ground, Owls Nest Lodge won’t disappoint.

The miles of Canadian crown land that surround Trout Lake make for prime hunting territory, whether it’s the lumbering moose and elusive black bear or small game like rabbit and partridge you came for. Back at Owls Nest Lodge, housekeeping cabins make for cozy hunting shacks – with the much-appreciated addition of indoor plumbing, of course. And at the end of a successful hunt, the main lodge serves up light meals washed down with your favorite brew! With bunk beds and kitchens, Owls Nest Lodge’s cabins easily convert into family-style accommodations. Throw a few hot dogs on the grill and brush off those campfire-building skills, because sunset will have your kids itching to get their hands on a s’more. Come morning, the lodge’s sandy beach and sheltered lake waters offer safe splashing for even the diaper-wearing tots.

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This Ontario lodge also offers gas, oil and bait for your boating and fishing pleasure.


The Owls Nest Lodge, open year-round, makes for a scenic and fun-filled winter destination with ice fishing, snowmobiling and more offered on Trout Lake’s shores.

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Explore Trout Lake’s waters from a canoe or kayak, free for guest use at Owls Nest Lodge!


Blyth’s Canyon Lake Lodge

Vermilion Bay, Ontario

View +1 (807) 227 - 2684

Tucked into Northwestern Ontario’s pine forests and just north of Vermilion Bay, Blyth’s Canyon Lake Lodge is a far cry from city life – a fact you’ll be glad for when it comes time to hunt. The incessant honking of rush hour traffic would likely scare all the game away, not to mention what it would do to your concentration!

One of only three resorts on the lake, this Ontario lodge’s secluded location makes it perfectly suited to hunting and fishing. Canyon Lake walleyes top out at 10-plus lbs. and giant muskies are quick to take the bait, leaving no room to wonder why manufacturers come to test their lures here. As Midwest Outdoors once proclaimed, if you can’t catch muskie on a week’s trip to Canyon Lake, you might as well take up golf! The densely wooded acreage that surrounds the lodge boasts some of the highest black bear success rates in the country, while hunting over baited stands works wonders for your chance to bag the big game you came for. While these one-room Ontario cabins have been updated with modern baths and full kitchens since their construction, their rustic charm has been beautifully maintained. And summer cocktail hours, a Blyth’s Canyon Lake Lodge tradition, take you back to simpler times when friends and neighbors gathered to share stories over a cold beer and a fruit salad with marshmallow fluff as its primary ingredient.

Fun facts

Ontario falls are famous for their spectacular foliage, but did you know it also means fewer crowds and some of the biggest fish on record? Give fall fishing a try at Canyon Lake Lodge.


The Canyon Lake Lodge camp store stocks basic groceries, gas, souvenirs and limited fishing supplies for your convenience.

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Harris Hill Resort

Morson, Ontario

View +1 (807) 488 - 1116

Our No. 9 pick finds us in a place that offers your choice of Ontario hunts, from big game like bear to quick-winged ducks and other Canadian waterfowl. Where optional grouse hunts make a delightful addition to any fishing vacation. And even the quick-footed timber wolf is well within your rifle sights!

So where is this hunting paradise we promised? Just 18 miles past the Minnesota border and perched on Lake of the Woods, a winding road brings you to our No. 9 pick, Harris Hill Resort. Muskies rule these Ontario waters all year long, but season guidelines dictate that casts be made solely from June to December. Fewer months means fewer opportunities to reel in these monsters, but with deluxe boats and experienced guides at your disposal, Harris Hill Resort gives you the best shot at a trophy catch – and the prestigious Ontario Angler Award that comes with it! Even if a quest for big game didn’t bring you to this Ontario hunting lodge, it won’t be long before you’re tempted to take a few shots of your own – with a camera, of course. You’d do well to practice your trigger finger, as you’ll only have a few seconds to capture the tiny fox cub that pokes his furry head out of that yonder hole.

Fun facts

There are 302 bird species known in the Rainy River Area, many of which frequent the Harris Hill Resort birdfeeders.

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If all that hunting did a number on your back, feet or both, a relaxing massage and reflexology session in the lodge will get you back in the stand in no time.


Harris Hill Resort offers discounts at nearby Ontario golf courses for those who prefer a different kind of game.


Pine Sunset Lodge

Dinorwic, California

View +1 (888) 897 - 4212

Our final Top 10 Ontario Hunting Lodges selection offers some of the most thrilling black bear hunts in all of Ontario. Don’t believe us? We’ll let this Ontario hunting lodge’s success rate – topping out at a perfect 100 percent – do the talking.

If you came to sit back and admire these quick-footed beasts rather than shoot them and mount them on your wall, Pine Sunset Lodge is most assuredly not for you. Once at this Ontario lodge, your feet will do all the walking while your eyes scan the forested hills for a glimpse of black fur. Whitetail deer and moose also frequent these Canadian forests, so if a Winnie the Pooh-esque trophy is too much to stomach, you can always forgo the bear in favor of guided hunts for its hoofed neighbors. Pine Sunset Lodge fronts the 18,000-plus acres of Dinorwic Lake – a pretty impressive stretch of Canadian waters for your sportsfishing pleasure. But the trophy fish territory doesn’t end at Dinorwic Lake’s banks; the neighboring Wabigoon Lakes chain brings the grand total to a sprawling 50,000 acres of walleye-filled waters!

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Pine Sunset Lodge’s fully-furnished housekeeping cabins sleep up to 14 – the perfect haven for your Ontario group hunting vacation!


Dinorwic Lake’s waters can also be successfully fished for smallmouth bass, northern pike, perch, crappie and lake trout.

Fun facts

The Chain of Lakes around Pine Sunset Lodge have been rated No. 1 in the world for combined muskie and walleye fishing.