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Top Alaska Luxury Fishing Lodges
Fishing the lower 48 states is great, but if you want to tango with some monster trout and salmon, Alaska is where it’s done. The clean morning air fills your lungs and 50-pound King salmon turn your dreams of catching a trophy fish into a reality – just don’t let it get away or it will become a nightmare.

Northwoods Lodge

Skwentna, Alaska

View Website +1 (866) 306 - 8402

If you’re looking for an Alaskan vacation that offers an expert guide service and all the first-class amenities of a lavish hotel, look no further. The Northwoods Lodge brings you the finest fishing service, elegant dining and spacious cabins in the midst of Alaska’s beautiful wilderness.

The moment you arrive at the Northwoods Lodge you’ll be greeted by your personal fishing guide. At 5 a.m. your guide takes you out your back door and onto Fish Lake Creek. Here you have access to six other creeks filled with rainbow trout, grayling, King salmon, sockeye salmon and more. Unfortunately all good things come to an end, but when it’s time to leave you’ll be surprised to find all your fish filleted, vacuum sealed and frozen for you to take home. Back onshore the Northwoods Lodge continues to outdo itself with world-class amenities. Fill your belly with a five-course dinner, warm up in the sauna or take a dip in the hot tub. To top off your night kick back on your private porch and admire the green pine trees and pristine waters of Fish Lake Creek – you might even spot wandering grizzly bears.


The Northwood Lodge is prepared to accommodate corporate conferences and large group meetings.

Getting there

Flights to the Northwoods Lodge depart from Anchorage’s Lake Hood, adjacent to Anchorage International Airport, at 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. from Trail Ridge Air.

Related Onsite Offerings

The Northwoods Lodge offers satellite TV and Internet service.


Deep Creek Fishing Club

Ninilchik, Alaska

View Website +1 (866) 452 - 9472

There is no better place to plan your luxury fishing trip in the state Alaska than Deep Creek Fishing Club. From their spacious accommodations and gourmet dining options to their wide variety of fishing trips, you're sure to have an outstanding time.

The knotty pine interior of the lodge sets rustic ambiance, but don't be fooled! This is truly a luxurious getaway with breathtaking views, king-size old hickory beds, glowing fireplaces, and more! Fine dining is unparalleled here wither you are enjoying king crab, USDA prime beef, or the catch of the day. You'll also enjoy breakfast delivered to your room daily, which may include a tray of coffee or tea along with freshly baked goods. This mouth watering meal will give you plenty of energy, and you'll need to for all of the fun fishing adventures you'll enjoy during your stay. Deep Creek Fishing Club offers a wide range of fishing options including saltwater, freshwater, fly-fishing, and fly-out adventures. Out of more than 3,000 fresh water streams that dot the Alaskan landscape, Deep Creek has hand picked 40 of the very best, where you'll have a great chance to reel in salmon, trout, steelhead, northern pike, and more. Fly-out adventures will take you withing a 200-mile radius of the lodge, providing your with the ultimate Alaskan adventure. Find remote streams and glacier-fed lakes with the help of your guide, and enjoy a unforgettable getaway!


67480 Halibut Road Ninilchik, AK 99639


Deep Creek Fishing Club is within driving distance of five salmon streams, including the world-famous Kenai River. This key location affords anglers easy access to Alaska's very best fishing sites.

Fun facts

There are an estimated 100,000 glaciers in the state of Alaska, covering three percent of the landscape and creating most of its rivers.


Valhalla Lodge

Nondalton, Alaska

View +1 (907) 243 - 6096

Let’s be honest: fishing lodges are a dime a dozen in Alaska, ESPECIALLY in Anchorage. But it's well known that the best Alaskan fishing can only be found off the beaten trail, away from the big city's hustle and bustle. So what is an Anchorage-based fishing lodge to do? Why, fly its fishermen out to those places, of course!

All of the fishing at the Valhalla Lodge is done after jumping on a float plane and flying to one of the nearby national parks. Surrounded by native wildlife and towering glaciers, you’ll be casting off in one of the most beautiful fishing environments in the world. After you return and eat a delicious prepared dinner, head back to your cabin for some rest. Speaking of cabins, you’ll be staying in a classic one: a bearskin rug, a crackling fireplace, mounted fish on the walls, and, obviously, a lot of wood paneling. These rustic villas are perfect for kicking back and relaxing after a taxing and fruitful day of fishing. If you're interested in serious fishing and serious relaxation, Valhalla Lodge is the place for you.


PO Box 190583 Anchorage, Alaska 99519


The lodge sits at 6,900 feet, just beneath the majestic Mount Woden.

Fun facts

Valhalla was the ancient Norse hall where great warriors would go if they were killed in battle. Ironic that now it's where great fish go after "battle"!


Alyeska Resort

Anchorage, Alaska

View +1 (800) 880 - 3880

Wow! Alyeska Resort completely amazed us. The beautifully designed rooms are fit for a king and the 1,000 acres of mountain ski slopes get your adrenaline pumping. But the most excitement you can have is reeling in fearless pink salmon on the banks of Resurrection Creek.

At the crack of dawn you’ll begin your gentle hike into the Chugach National Forest. Along the way you might spot bald eagles soaring overhead and bears roaming the forest. When you reach Resurrection Creek you’ll be casting into the famous waters that have been producing gold since 1895 – but you’re not here to pan for gold. Pink salmon fill Resurrection Creek, but they are infamously picky about biting fake bait. Just listen to your guide and use a variety of lures and you’re sure to reel in your limit. While you take the scenic trail back to Alyeska Resort, decide which adventure is next on the agenda. Get a view of Anchorage from above during a helicopter sightseeing tour, mush your way down a dogsled trail or hit the famous slopes that made Alyeska Resort one of the top 25 ski destinations in the country.

Mountain range

The Alyeska Resort is located near the 2,500-foot Alyeska Mountain.

Getting there

Alyeska Resort is located 40 miles south of Anchorage and 90 miles north of Seward.

Related Onsite Offerings

Alyeska Resort offers eight onsite restaurants.


Port Lions Lodge

Port Lions, Alaska

View Website +1 (866) 939 - 3710

Luxury and fishing usually aren't connected to one another, but at Port Lions Lodge they couldn't go more hand-in-hand!

Set on the north coast of Kodiak Island, Port Lions Lodge is a luxury fishing lodge that offers comfortable accommodations, first-class dining, and breathtaking views of surrounding Kizhuyak Bay and the Kodiak Mountains. The cabins are comfy, the rooms are cozy, and they're full of things to keep you warm in the harsh Alaskan winter. Grab a rod and cast away for Kodiak halibut, Kodiak salmon, Kodiak rockfish, and Kodiak lingcod. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales, orcas, and sea lions!


620 Main St, Port Lions, AK 99550

View Website +1 (866) 452 - 9631

There's more than one way to experience "The Last Frontier" that is Alaska, but you won't find a better place to enjoy your northwest getaway than at Gwin's Lodge & Kenai Peninsula Charter Booking Serivce

Gwin's offers travelers 15 unique cabins, cottages, and chalets, equipped with full kitchens, separate living and dining areas, lofted bedrooms and bunk beds for the kids, and even a private porch in the Birch Cottage. The comfort of these accommodations keep you coming back year after year, and the lodge continues to improve each of these units to ensure a fantastic experience. Part of the "authentic" Alaska experience is getting out and exploring the natural beauty of the area. Staying at Gwin's Lodge gives you everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors. This is truly a one-stop shop for visitors and locals alike, offering food, lodging, tackle, and anything else you're looking for. Let their experienced guides show you some of the top fishing holes on the peninsula, or do some exploration on a whitewater rafting or kayaking excursion. The Kenai River and Russian River are two of the most popular areas for fly-fishing, and you'll have a great opportunity to reel in a wide variety of trout and salmon. Gwin's is also close to halibut charter services for those looking for a saltwater fishing experience. The Lodge offers a number of walk-in and fly-in fishing trips, or you can just do some gold panning, take a fjord cruise or find a spot for bear viewing. Your outdoor adventure is waiting at Gwin's Lodge & Kenai Peninsula Charter Booking Service!


14865 Sterling Hwy Cooper Landing, AK 99572

Related activities

Your outdoor fun isn't limited to fishing during a stay at Gwin's Lodge & Kenai Peninsula Charter Booking Service. Try whitewater and scenic rafting, fly-in bear viewing, gold panning, kayaking, horseback riding, or arrange an Alaska Railroad trip.

Related Onsite Offerings

Gwin's Lodge has a full-service restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week during the travel season. Specialty items include their famous hamburgers, smoked salmon chowder, chili, halibut sandwich, pies, and many other favorites.


Sportsman's Cove Lodge

Ketchikan, Alaska

View Website +1 (866) 522 - 5413

Enjoy the quintessential Alaska fishing vacation on glorious Prince of Wales Island at Sportsman’s Cove Lodge!

Consistently ranked among Alaska's best lodges, the Sportsman's Cove Lodge has a commitment to excellence that is unmatched. It's this commitment that explains why 85% of the Lodge's customers have been there before. Mostly it has to do with the fishing, which, suffice to say, is spectacular. A huge variety make the cove their home, from salmon to cod. Whatever you catch can be filleted for you by the Lodge’s expert staff. There’s plenty of other activities to do, including going on a nature hike through Tongass National Forest, but if you're exhausted after a day spent on the water, head back to one of the authentic and cozy luxury cabins and hit the hay. If you love the outdoors Sportsman's Cove Lodge is for you.


P.O. Box 8500, Ketchikan, Alaska U.S.A. 99901



Fun facts

Prince of Wales Island is the 97th largest island in the world.


Alaska's Gold Creek Lodge

King Salmon, Alaska

View Website +1 (866) 444 - 0051

Go on an Alaska's Gold Creek Lodge vacation and the only thing you’ll worry about is what kind of fish you should eat for dinner. Come empty-handed, leave with memories (and fish) that will last a lifetime!

The Lodge lies incredibly close to Katmai National Park and approximately 280 miles from Anchorage, nestled snugly within the Bristol Bay watershed. Perched on the banks of the world-famous Naknek River in beautiful King Salmon, an all-inclusive experience begins with first-class accommodations.With only 12 to 14 guests at any one time, you know you’ll be getting their utmost attention. Your dedicated hosts will show you the tricks of the trade when it comes to fishing, then you'll hop into a float plane and head out to the southwestern peninsula. The Naknek River is boasted by Fish Alaska Magazine as “the best rainbow trout fishing in Alaska,” so you know there’s fantastic fishing to be done!


11 Alaska Peninsula Hwy, King Salmon, AK 99613

Related activities

King Salmon is service and shipment center for the commercial red salmon and sport fishing industries.

Fun facts

In the 1930s, the U.S. government built an air navigation silo at the site of present-day King Salmon.


Great Alaska Adventures

Sterling, Alaska

View Website +1 (866) 683 - 8357

Picture a fat King salmon leaping out of the water just meters from where you just tossed your line in. Your surroundings are equally tranquil and majestic, with water sloshing against the boats bow and immense mountains standing guard in the distance. This doesn’t have to be a fantasy; it happens every day at Great Alaska Adventures!

Let Great Alaska Adventures show you and your party the wonders of the Kenai Peninsula. Since 1982, the lodge has been a go-to spot for fisherpeople from all over the world. Their experienced fishing guides are more than happy to show the ropes to newbies while showing veterans the best spots to catch the big one. With the combination of more than two dozen target fish species, 5 nearby rivers and 2 separate saltwater destinations, you certainly won’t be starved for variety at GAA. So grab your rod and reel and hop the next plane to Sterling!


33881 Sterling Hwy, Sterling, AK 99672


Kenai river King salmon, Kasilof river King salmon, Kenai River Sockeye Salmon, Kenai River Silver Salmon and Kenai River Pink salmon combine with world renowned, trophy-class Rainbow Trout fishing and offshore Halibut fishing to create the Ultimate Alaska Fishing experience.

Related activities

The lodge also offers glacier and wildlife cruising, bear viewing, hiking, and whitewater rafting!


Favorite Bay Lodge

Angoon, Alaska

View Website +1 (866) 452 - 9383

To find Favorite Bay Lodge you’ll have to venture off the beaten path to a world where nature rules and man is merely a visitor. The saltwater bays and freshwater lakes are brimming with salmon, trout, halibut and humpback whales excited to meet you.

The Favorite Bay Lodge is more than an angler’s paradise, it’s a true Alaskan experience. The grassy shore of Admiralty Island is where anglers reel in a variety of rockfish in a peaceful and private atmosphere. The rippling creeks bring you gorgeous views of emerald pine trees and snow-capped mountains. Favorite Bay Lodge is a place where you come to get away from civilization and experience Alaska the way it was meant to be – a tranquil yet untamed wilderness. Favorite Bay Lodge believes in roughing it. Well, only outdoors. The Great Room was designed to capture the spirit of Alaska’s rugged wilderness with large windows overlooking the bay and cedar walls around a sunken fireplace. Your guestroom is themed after Alaska’s native Southwestern wildlife. Picture yourself relaxing on the handcrafted furniture gazing out the window at Mother Nature’s remarkable lofty pine trees, towering mountains, crystal clear water and peaceful wildlife – there’s nothing else like it.

Average rainfall/snowfall

Favorite Bay Lodge is located in Angoon and receives 32 inches of rainfall per year.

Getting there

Alaska Airlines is the primary airline serving Southeast Alaska. You’ll fly in to Juneau and be transported to Favorite Bay Lodge by a 45-minute seaplane ride.

Related Onsite Offerings

Favorite Bay Lodge offers one onsite restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Salmon Falls Resort

Ketchikan, Alaska

View Website +1 (877) 382 - 2914

Coming off a fresh remodeling in 2015, Salmon Falls Resort is an incredibly well-appointed lodge that will entertain as well as enchant. Whether you’re looking for great fishing or great comfort, you’ll find it here.

When you arrive at any Alaskan fishing resort, you expect great fishing. But once you leave Salmon Falls Resort, you’ll expect even more. The fish in the surrounding sparkling waters are plentiful, fat, and beautiful. Try your luck at landing a juicy salmon, whether it's a Silver, Coho, Chinook, Pink, Chum, or Sockeye. Should you succeed, not only will you have a delicious meal, but you'll have a fantastic story to tell til the end of your days! Meanwhile, the accommodations are, and I quote, “an exquisite escape from all that is ordinary. A place where time stops and the stars, the mountains and the sea become one”. Why are you not already here?!


16707 N Tongass Hwy, Ketchikan, AK 99901

Fun facts

You can safely ship your fish back to yourself using the major airlines, FedEx or UPS.

Related Onsite Offerings

With an expansive 4,500 square foot dining facility, Timbers restaurant boasts the ability to host up to 160 people.