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Waterville Valley Resort: A New England Snapshot

The New England image is a puzzle of old harbor towns, gilded hills, and world-renowned snowfall. And though the fabled Cape Cod crowds aren't imaginary, the classic, New England fairytale does exist without the tourist-trap filling. Just point yourself north toward the... more

Spicer Castle Inn Celebrates 25 Years

Standing on the shore of Green Lake in Spicer, Minnesota, Spicer Castle Inn and Restaurant stands as a testament to the passage of time. On five wooded acres with 500 feet of shoreline, the 1893 home is a local landmark. The inn was named a national historic place, and is... more
The Boardwalk Plaza Hotel exterior

Luxury Meets Leisure at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel

Sometimes, the best vacation is one spent immersed in luxury, comprised of lavish accommodations and amenities. Other times, the dream getaway is a remote rendezvous that celebrates the simple joys of life. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between the two at the... more

A Resort Defines Luxury: Stage Neck Inn Sets the Standard in the New Quest for Comfort

Talk to Mark Foster, owner of the Stage Neck Inn in York Harbor, Maine, and you get the idea that luxury — that elusive, nebulous term that seems so subjective — is actually easier to define in today’s hurry-up world where, some would argue, customer service is a dying... more

The Yachter in You: It's More Than Just a Boat and Water

There are certain pleasures in life that evolve into much more than mere pastimes or hobbies; they evolve into a lifestyle. Some would argue baseball is a pastime, or that golf is a lifestyle, and they just may be. However, I am here to tell you that, without a doubt, cruise... more

The Extra Toppings: Cheeca Lodge Leads A New Look at the Luxury Lifestyle

So you have some money to burn. You make a list of luxury items to purchase: fast car, beach house, exotic vacation package. Sure, those are great; but they seem so ordinary. When you have the financial resources, the sky is the limit. Or is it? For the right price, you... more

In Search of Luxury: What Does it Really Mean?

To most people, the word “luxury” relates to money. People associate luxury with designer labels, or exclusivity: people know who you are, and you’re part of something that not just anyone is eligible for. Hotels, clubs, credit card companies and airlines market... more

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