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Milton Lake Lodge: Unparalleled Saskatchewan Fishing Adventures

When you’re searching for a fishing lodge or resort in Saskatchewan, there’s undoubtedly a few criteria you’re looking for: hospitality, location, and an assortment of modern amenities. The fishery can make or break a fishing trip, but fortunately Milton Lake Lodge... more

Fishing in the Walleye Capital of the World at Ballard’s

When discussing the best fishing locations in the upper midwest, Lake of the Woods is always the top of the list. There are a number of lodging and outfitting providers in this picturesque area, but Ballard's Resort stands out from the rest and has been providing... more

The Ideal Sports Lodge for the Avid Adventurer

For more that 150 years, Wilsons on Moosehead Lake has set the standard for excellence in Maine sports lodges. They know that you could have chosen to spend your precious vacation anywhere, but you chose them. And so, they owe you a weekend (or more) to remember. Owners... more

World-Class Fly-Fishing at Upstate New York’s Tailwater Lodge

Nestled between Upstate New York and Lake Ontario, alongside the banks of the world-renowned Salmon River rests the beautiful Tailwater Lodge. This incredible destination takes you away from the hustle-bustle of the cities and lets you experience a refreshing and natural... more

Premier Fishing Adventures in Beautiful Alaska

Discover the magic of an authentic Alaska vacation where outdoor adventures, breathtaking nature and comfortable lodging come together for an unforgettable experience. Located on the beautiful Fish Lakes Creek and only three miles from Lake Creek, Alaska, Northwoods Lodge... more

South Fork Lodge: Unmatched Angling Adventures on the Snake River

Flowing 1,078 miles before it empties into the Pacific Ocean, the Snake River is a natural wonder of the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, this mountain-cradled waterway showcases sensational fishing and scenery at its South Fork in Idaho. Cast off on this world-famous fly... more

Mammoth Muskie Return for Fall Fishing at Pitlik’s Sand Beach Resort

Wisconsin’s Sugar Camp Chain of Lakes may not be the largest chain of lakes in the Northwoods, but it certainly offers one of the best experiences. This five-lake oasis is a muskie fishing mecca that showcases breathtaking scenery. Come fall, this tranquil setting is the... more

A “Reel” Relaxing Fishing Retreat at Northland Lodge

The boat gently bobs up and down on the sparkling lake waters. Cattails sway in a cool breeze. You clutch a fishing pole, anxiously awaiting that first bite. The rod flexes ever-so-slightly before the big strike. You set the hook and the battle begins. This is the way... more

Relaxation, Recreation, and Rejuvenation at Olive The Lake

Fishing should be a time to relax. It should be a time to forget your worries, cast out a line, and soak in nature’s simple splendor. Unfortunately, lakes are often crowded with oversized boats and would-be fishermen. It’s times like these you can’t wait to escape to a... more

Fly Fishing is Always in Season at High Hampton Inn

Experience fishing stripped down to its purest form. No expensive gadgets. No oversized boat. No fancy lures. It’s just you, your fishing pole, and the sparkling waters. This is fly fishing in North Carolina, where the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains serve as your scenery... more

Catch What You’ve Been Missing

At Teton Valley Lodge of Driggs, Idaho they take two things very seriously: fishing and family. And since 1919 those two have been intertwined. “Our father Randy Berry began guiding for Alma when he was 13 years old. He passed on his knowledge to each of us. We hope to... more

Fantastic Fishing and Luxurious Lodging Combine at Salmon Catcher Lodge

Alaska. The state has become synonymous with incredible fishing, beautiful natural scenes, and unmatched tranquility. However, when it comes to lodging, few choose to describe The Last Frontier as a “luxurious” destination.   The people who have visited Salmon Catcher... more

Family Fishing Fun at FishMasters Inn

Nicknamed “The Last Frontier,” Alaska is one of the few states where travelers can still experience nature’s untainted splendor. From the towering mountains to the meandering oceans, outdoor adventures await at every elevation.  And, nobody encompasses the Alaskan... more

Experience the Beauty of Alaska at Gone Fishin’ Lodge

Alaska. The name alone brings to mind the rugged peaks of snow-capped mountains, the icy beauty of more than 100,000 glaciers, and the brilliant colors of the aurora borealis spreading across the starry sky. A trip to Alaska takes you to a land of pristine natural beauty,... more
Lake Vermilion in the Fall

Recreate the Canadian Fishing Experience on Lake Vermilion

Picture a lake spanning more than 40,000 acres of fish-filled waters. You land a 28-inch walleye before your companions have baited their hooks. Battles with 50-inch muskies are as common as the warbling call of the loon. Deer, eagles, and osprey dot the tree-lined... more