Reunite With Loved Ones and Witches in Salem, Massachusetts

Taking pride in its macabre history, Salem blurs the lines of reality with its very adult Festival of the Dead. Every year, the town, most famed for its 17th century Salem witch trials, brews up a month-long event series that explores the morbid customs of death. The salem witches honor this time by walking amongst the living, beckoned forth by the foremost authorities on the spirit world. Discover how the exanimate reanimate, dine with the deceased, and keep your wits about you at this macabre festival, teetering on the precipice of your sanity. Each event is more bone-chilling than the last, so stay for as long as your mortal body allows.

Have you ever wondered if a ghost can hear you chew? Join the witches for supper and sumptuous wine in utter silence at the Dumb Supper on October 17. Bring photos of loved ones who have passed and commit to raising their souls using witchcraft. Prove the existence of the “other side” under duress of the unknown on a fateful October 19 with Ron Kolek, radio personality, author, and ghost hunter. Christian Day will curdle your blood as he schools you in the arts of the world’s most forbidden magic, necromancy, on October 29. If you stomach all the other disturbing events, Halloween day will be worth the wait. It is the day when the veil between worlds is thinnest; festival goers are able to reconnect and renew bonds with those cherished souls they love and miss. The festival of the dead is a truly shocking series of events that just might have you believing in spectral poltergeists.