A Nutty Celebration of Texas’ Crunchy Crop

Worldwide success of the diversified farming program in Wilson County, Texas, combined with Floresville resident Mr. Joe T. Sheehy’s introduction of the Spanish Peanut, make it easy to understand why Floresville has been home to the first-of-its-kind peanut festival for 69 years.This year, October 8th marks the kickoff of the three-day celebration with something for the kids, the long-time tradition of the goober games.The little goobers get fiercely involved in the peanut toss, peanut facepainting, snack races, and especially the kiddie parade. Winners of the October 11th march of tykes are awarded the coveted prize of participation in the big parade later in the festival.

Not only will the kids have ear-to-ear grins, there is something for the whole family at the Floresville Peanut Festival. Every year, kids and parents alike delight their peanut pallets with a salty medley of peanutty confections: peanut brittle, peanut cookies, roasted peanuts, and homemade peanut butter are expected to make a grand appearance this year. Watch the coronation of peanut royalty, where King Reboog and Queen Tunaep celebrate the viable farm commodity in beautiful locally made attire. Each day of the festival boasts its own nutty theme, so come for one or crack all three! By the end of the festival, nuts will be eaten, royalty will be crowned, and smiles will be smeared on the faces of peanut partiers.